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St. Albans + a Typical English Village

After London, this is our most popular tour. There is so much to see in the Roman city of St. Albans because the history here goes back Before Christ. Julius Caesar spoke of it, Boadicea sacked it in AD 61 and Britain's first martyr, St Alban, was beheaded here in the 4th century. Visit the cathedral, St. Albans Abbey, which was built on the site of St. Alban's execution, the museum and the Roman Verulamium before sampling the delights of Aldbury - a typical English village. Aldbury has it all - village pond, stocks, manor house, old bakery, 300-year-old sundial and, of course, a lovely pub. This village has featured in TV drama and big screen films.

Price: 250 per cab (up to five people in a cab). Six hour tour. Pick up at your hotel @ 10am return 4pm

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Don't forget, you always have a driver at your disposal. If you want to deviate within the timescale, you can, after all it's your day out. You can stop at any time to explore or we can suggest stop-offs for you. It's your choice. Most of the places we visit will have leaflets and information packs for you to take home. We know you will have a great time.

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