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Chartwell - Hever Castle - Leeds Castle

First stop, Chartwell - the home of Sir Winston Churchill for over 40 years. The great man's personality dominates this lovely house. See his paintings and his book collection, inspect his own brickwork, admire his study and writing desk - exactly as he left it in 1964. This house oozes Churchill memorabilia. Then on to nearby Hever Castle. Dating from Tudor times it was once the home of Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII. Tastefully modernised by an American, William Waldorf Astor, this castle also boasts magnificent gardens laid out in Tudor style. Then on to Leeds Castle which became a royal palace in 1278. Edward I built the fortified mill and the barbican and it has been home for no less than 6 queens - earning the name of 'the ladies castle'. Henry VIII, The Restoration - the history is all here. Also, there are gardens, a vineyard, special events, concerts, a golf course and an aviary. You may not want to leave.

Price: 340 per cab (up to five people in a cab). Eight hour tour. Pick up at your hotel @ 9am return 5pm

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Don't forget, you always have a driver at your disposal. If you want to deviate within the timescale, you can, after all it's your day out. You can stop at any time to explore or we can suggest stop-offs for you. It's your choice. Most of the places we visit will have leaflets and information packs for you to take home. We know you will have a great time.

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